Doctor Lawless's Mobile Rescue Service

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Dr Cameron Lawless and Kino, along with their mercenary pal Leo, worked for the Alliance Settlement Corps, examining newly terraformed planets and checking in on new settlements. Set down on the backwater planet Three Hills, the crew provided medical and security services for the two settlements that were everything that had been explored. The Youngs and the Picketts were warring over the titular third hill, each claiming ownership of the good farmland there. Capt Genevieve Wilson was supposedly a diplomat trying to calm them, but in actual fact seemed more focused on getting one side or the other to return fully to Alliance control.

A group of injured Young citizens prompted Dr Lawless’s services while Kino calmed the populace, ready to storm the PIcketts immediately. Genevieve revealed that the Alliance had made a deal with the Picketts, where they would submit to the Alliance and increase taxes if the Alliance firebombed the Young settlement. Genevieve passed this duty on to the crew of the Alcmaeon. Kino and Leo discussed the matter, not wanting to kill dozens of people but also not wanting to piss off the Alliance.

Dr. Lawless’s more moral mind won out when they notified him, and they decided to warn the Youngs and bolt. He warned them of the explosives Leo had set up, and they went to the Pickett settlement. Along the way, they saw Genevieve running from the Young settlement and filled her full of holes. The crew intimidated the Picketts’ mayor into agreeing to stop the aggression, and started to run as they saw that the Alliance had already set up a presence in town.

With the situation at least a little resolved, the crew of the Alcmaeon headed into the black, uncomfortably aware that they were now wanted men.


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