Doctor Lawless's Mobile Rescue Service

Season 1: Ghosts in the Black

Doctor Cameron Lawless and his pilot Kino run a mobile hospital. When called upon, they take their ship the Alcmeon wherever they’re needed, and either treat the patients there or take them to a better facility—of course, while operating on the Rim they often are the best facility available. They have helped out a number of people in non-medical ways as well, primarily several favors for Dr Lawless’s old friend Eli Sandusta. Several times they encountered clues regarding the location of the Westlake, a famous ghost ship one missing since the war. Along the way, they kept running into Derek X, an Alliance operative. They developed an odd relationship with Derek, occasionally working with him and occasionally embarrassing him professionally — and insulting and generally fucking with him every time they met. To be fair, Derek invites it: he dresses like Neo from The Matrix and carries far too many katanas.

Cameron and Kino finally found the Westlake, where they found that many Browncoat POWs frozen in stasis pods, having been experimented on by the Alliance to brainwash them and give them cybernetic superpowers. The crew rescued the human popsicles and blew up the Westlake. They provided the records of the Alliance experiments to a couple of wireheads, who sent it out on the Cortex anonymously. The Alliance, however, thanks to Derek, knows the crew blew up the Westlake and has a BOLO out for them. The crew got some space from Eli to store their human popsicles, and Dr Lawless started to research how to safely wake them up.


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