Doctor Lawless's Mobile Rescue Service

Welcome to the End of the Line

With new crew members in tow (one of which was bedridden from food poisoning and utterly useless), Lawless and Kino set out for a small rim settlement known as End of the Line on the advice of Jill Powers. Apparently some sort of vague epidemic was afflicting the local populace, and with the promise of a modest to moderate reward and a puzzling medical mystery, Lawless couldn’t resist.

After “sneaking” past what could only be described as a Reaver warship, the Alcmaeon successfully bluffed its way past a routine Alliance inspection without arousing suspicion and headed down to EoL to get acclimated and start digging up intel. Local mayor-type-guy Tommy Lau was only a little helpful, admitting “something weird” was going on and making people violent; the town’s elegant (although probably best case) solution was to lock everyone affected in quarantine.

Not yet aware of the scope of the problem, Lawless and Brobadiah #2 set off to investigate the clinic while Kino headed to the bar to rub elbows and get more information from the locals. Noting with some consternation the heavy chain securing the front door, the pair bypassed it, Lawless keeping a watchful eye while Flynn attempted to cut a key for the door’s lock. A scalpel-wielding maniac attacked (MANIAC ATTACK), nearly catching them by surprise, but Lawless managed to take him down with a pair of non-fatal .357 slugs and drag him outside while Flynn re-secured the door to prevent further psychos escaping.

Summoning Kino for help, Lawless bound the man and treated his critical wounds, then carried him back to the ship while the others locked down the clinic from the outside with astounding success. His patient now chemically and physically restrained, Lawless set about doing doctor stuff, eventually deducing after a long night’s work that this man had to be a fabled Reaver, and that the condition was caused by a virus spread through body fluids containing DNA. Admitting that there was nothing he could do for his patient, Lawless elected to euthanize him while Kino explained the situation to Lau.

After a brief pow-wow, the group constructed a two step plan – notify the nearby Alliance personnel of the ludicrously dangerous clinic, and search for the source of the infection in an attempt to eliminate, or at least isolate it. And so our heroes warmed up the engines, off to face probable death once again…


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