Welcome to End-of-the-Line

Clayton Pitt, LCSW (D8 Therapist) hanging out with Eli and the POWs

Have 6 freezer pods

Lawless’ plan:
Kill patient
-Tell the Alliance about the clinic and hope they bomb it
-Find the source of the plague
—step 1: Find the Jabberwock

Lawless’s demands of Lau. Lau agreed, may not have the power to keep them all
-Quarantine the clinic
-Have complete transparency with all parties
-Everyone has to pay something

Lau is going up the chain

Last line—“Jane, you’ve got Reavers”

D6 Overly Charming for Booth
D6 Endless Pockets for townspeople

“Arterial spraypaint”

Welcome to End-of-the-Line

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